29 July 2014

Memebox special #11 cacao

My cacao box came last week and I was really looking forward to it after receiving the other boxes such as the whole grain and milk boxes. I quite liked the spoiler for this box too as it added to the excitement and to be honest the box didn't disappoint.
But what was in it?

The first item in the box is a cream cleanser.
This is the Eva's Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap Coconut & Cacao in a 130g. At first I thought this was solid soap when I opened it but I really look forward to using this cream cleanser that had a delicate chocolate scent.
According to the card this is worth $18.

The next item in the box is a sheet mask.
This is the Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk.
I really like face masks like this as they are really hydrating and one with milk proteins is always great with me as I find these really nourishing and they also give me a clearer complexion.
This mask also contains cacao extracts, vitamin E and collagen and the description says it will also help to smooth out even skin tone.
I am also hoping it smells like chocolate.
According to the description on the card this is worth $1.

The next item in the box is a lip scrub that has no real scrubby particles in it so is more like a balm.
This is the Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate.
This is a really nice lip balm but isn't very scrubby. According to the card this contains sugar, cacao extracts, bees wax, shea butter, jojoba oil and macadamia oil but I am not feeling any sugar at all.
Additionally as it has a tint so I have to watch when I use it as I don't want brown lips.
According to the card this is worth $11.

The next item was a pack of Nose Pore strips that I was excited to try.
These were the Purederm Nose Pore 6 Strips in Choco Cacao.

I tried these as soon as I got the box and my reaction is ouch.
Not sure if I will buy more but these smell like chocolate and do the job of making my nose look better.
According to the card these are worth $6 for the 6.

The next item in the box is a two use product as it can be used as both a body wash and a bath milk.
This is the Etude House Milk Talk in a 200ml size.
This smells strongly of chocolate and I will use this as a bath milk and look forward to using it especially if the scent sticks to my skin.
According to the card it is worth $7.

The final item in the box is the spoiler and it is a Cacao mask.
This is the WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask in a 100g size.
This is a cacao mask that looks, feels and smells like chocolate and also moisturises and brightens the skin as well as exfoliating the skin.
According to the card this is worth $38.

So, that is my Cacao box. It smelled amazing and I loved that there was a wide variety of products. I would definitely recommend it.


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25 July 2014

Memebox burst of color 2

Okay, so this is my Memebox Burst of Color and before I get into the review I have to apologise as I have lost one item between doing my video and the review so I can't do a swatch or show you it. I will add basic details on it though at the end.

However, ignoring that, here is my Memebox Burst of Color review.

Nerdblock July 2014

My nerdblock classic came last week and on seeing my Nerd block I know it won again this month. Nerdblock is $32.49 a month to the Uk including postage from Canada and is a box full of nerdy geeky goodness.

Every month it seems to have won over Lootcrate and whereas I have cancelled Lootcrate after my next box at the moment I will carry on with this box.
But, enough of that, here what was in my box.

23 July 2014

Lootcrate July 2014

My Lootcrate for July turned up this week and had a theme of Villains. Compared to Nerdblock I haven't really enjoyed them as much and was looking forward to this box.
Sadly, though, my August box will be my last box as it was rather disappointing.
But what was in it?

16 July 2014

Glossybox July 2014

My glossybox arrived on Monday and I was really looking forward to this as it was an American product box and I love American brands so was really looking forward to it.
This is my second box back, excluding my free box, and I was really hoping it was as good as the first box and luckily I wasn't disappointed.
But what was in it?

14 July 2014

Memebox superbox #23 summer meeting

So my summer box from Memebox came this week and I was really looking forward to it as I thought it was going to be lots of suncare products but sadly it wasn't and I am a little disappointed. But what was it and was it worth the $32 plus $6.99 I paid for the box?

12 July 2014

Youbeautydiscovery July 2014

My youbeauty discovery came early this month and I was waiting for the booklet to arrive before I wrote the review and today it came so here is my review of the box. What did I pick from this months choices and what did I think?

The first three items of my box this month are my extras and they are a 3ml sample of Egyptian Magic All purpose Cream, a 50ml of Dove Men + Care Pro Moisture Shave Cream and finally a 2ml sample of Agent Provocateur Fatale.
Paul will receive the shave cream, I will have the perfume as it is fruity and girly and I like it and I might store away the skin cream as I have tried it before and don't really like.
Now, onto the items I have chose from this months selection.

The first item I chose this month was from TanOrganic and is the Oil Arganic Body Oil. This is a dry oil with a slight scent of roses and has a base of Aloe Vera and Argan oil so will be great for moisturising and for treating sunburn. this is worth more than the box and I look forward to using it. 

The second item I chose this month was a sample of the Archeia Rose Rejuvinating Cream and I look forward to using this moisturising cream, although I wish it was bigger, but such is the way of life.
This is a face cream that has a combination of essential oils that help prevent and soothe the signs of ageing.

So, there is my box for this month and I look forward to next month.


Birchbox July 2014 and what I used my points on

July's birchbox arrived yesterday and I was really looking forward to it as June was amazing as well as June so I was hoping this one was as good.
But, what did I receive and was it as good?

Memebox special #7 milk

So, here is another Memebox, surprise, surprise. I think I am addicted!
This one is a great one though and is the Memebox Special #7 milk and contains seven full sized products.
I have already used three of the products and to be honest it all appeals, but what was in it?

10 July 2014

Lovelula box July 2014

This is my Lovelula beauty box for July and I really like this box as it is natural and organic products and tends to introduce you to new brands you would never try and that they sell on their website. More info can be found on this box here
So, I missed this box on Friday and went to collect on Saturday and this is my last of my Lovelula boxes from this sub and I will be buying a new one mid month as I have really enjoyed the boxes I have received and this was no different as it was a great box.
But what was in it?

9 July 2014

Memebox oriental medicine

The second box I received this week is the Memebox Oriental Medicine. It arrived with my Whole grain box and is another good box with interesting products and yay no repeats for me.
But what was in it?

8 July 2014

Memebox special #6 whole grain

This is the first of my two boxes that arrived today via DHL and I was really excited to recieve my box, especially as I hadn't seen any spoilers for this box at all.
But, what was in my Whole Grain Box?

5 July 2014

Memebox global #12

This box arrived a few days ago and is the most recent Global box for Memebox. The global boxes are the closest thing to a subscription that Memebox gets and costs $23.99 plus $6.99 p and p from Korea. These aren't themed and until October they are all shipped on the 24th of the month.
They are mix of products and are probably the best way to try Memebox, although the alternative to these are the luckyboxes, which are the best products from a range of past boxes, although if you are lucky, I wish I was, the luckyboxes may include the Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream.

4 July 2014

July Memebox deals

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2 July 2014

Memebox color box #2 orange

I ordered the Orange box when the color boxes came out as I love Orange Lipstick so I was looking forward to receiving this but when it arrived I wasn't overly impressed.
But, what was in it?

Nerdblock horror June 2014

Okay so last month NerdBlock launched a new block called the HorrorBlock and yesterday I took delivery of the first one and was really excited and wasn't disappointed. But what was in it?