29 May 2014

Memebox mini #2

My minibox #2 arrived this afternoon courtesy of Royal Mail and I  was over the moon to receive it as it is still showing as in Incheon so it was a surprise but a great surprise.
I am totally in love with memebox atm as you can tell by my lots of reviews and this one was a great box to buy as I had points to use and this box was only $15 including postage before I used my points so it was bargain in my eyes even without the point as these box contain 4 -8 deluxe samples or foil packs and that seemed cheap so I bought it.
But what did I receive?

Degustabox May 2014

I always get excited when my degustabox comes and this month was no different as it was delayed slightly due to the bank holiday in the uk but it arrived this morning and I am over the moon.
So, what was in it?

28 May 2014

Lootcrate may 2014

This is my Lootcrate may that arrived a while ago. I have to admit I am far behind this month but hoping to catch up.

26 May 2014

May 2014 beauty box picture comparison review

These are my May 2014 boxes for an easy picture comparison

Nerd block jr boys box May 2014

So, my third Nerd block box arrived last week and this is my review of it. This is the Nerd Block Jr Boys box for May 2014.

Nerdblock jr girls may 2014

The next nerd block I received this month was the nerd block jr girls box and this is my last girls box as I will be getting the horror box instead of the jr boxes from now on.

Nerd block may 2014

Sorry but these reviews have been delayed by real life issues but hopefully today and tomorrow I can get back on track. 
But, back to this review. This is my Nerd block may 2014.

25 May 2014

Glamour magazine subscription gift

So, I decided to resub to Glamour magazine because my sub had ran out a while ago and I was waiting to see an offer that really jumped out at me this time. So when I saw I could get it for £9 for 12 edition plus a lucky bag I couldn't help but get excited and I was even more excited when my luckybox arrived as it was a huge bag that was full and heavy.
So, what did I receive in my Luckybag and why I am so happy?

23 May 2014

Souksouk may 2014

This is my Souksouk box for May 2014.  It is a box that is more centred on natural beauty and has had up and down months for me as I tend to prefer other boxes but I like that these are natural products. 
But, enough of that, what was in this months box?

These are the products for this month and to be honest nothing here really jumps out at me and appeals to me. This month we have a moisturiser, hand serum, nail lacquer, a body lotion and finally a french soap.
So, what did I receive?

Birchbox may 2014

My Birchbox came last week and I was really pleased with it but due to other commitments I have only just got around to reviewing this box.
This box is a collaboration with Harpers Bazaar and unlike the Lulu guiness box the box has been designed and it isn't just a designed sleeve with one of their grey brown boxes inside.

22 May 2014

Memebox #10

I just have to apologise to my regular readers as I have been gone for a while but I am still hear it is just that I have been busy with writing and doing short shaky vids on youtube. 
But I am back now and I will put up a few reviews over the next few days. This is my first and it is my Memebox #10.

21 May 2014

Painting with Edward

Edward seems to go through fazes and atm the hobby of choice, other than stealing my ipad is painting. 

Here is my little bean constructing a masterpiece last week. 
Sorry that I have not been on much but I am writing prep sheets ready for the next campnanowrimo in July and doing very quick video reviews on my YouTube channel.

I love how he is yet to realise that the paints are best not mixed.

Here are his first art works that are now very proudly displayed on my fridge. On the right is grandma, my mum. Gonna have to see if he will draw nana soon too.

And here I am with Edward in my belly, according to my son.

I have to admit this is a great activity for Edward and as he is a bit of a clean freak it wasn't that messy as he kept the paint on the paper.


10 May 2014

Glamglow super mud clearing treatment (picture review)

My hubby and son gave me this Gift Sexy Glowmud set for mothers day and as I have already reviewed youthmud on here I decided to do a supermud picture review too.
The set came in a beautiful box.

Inside the box are the two different masks and they are so beautiful in this box.

The glamglow supermud comes in the silver and white tub. This has a net weight of 34g.

The tub is very small but I only use about three fingers tips of this on my face and as you can see it is only slightly depleted after the two uses I had already done when I took this picture. There is probably at least ten to twenty uses in this tub.

After immediate use I turn into camo girl. It dries really fast though and scares my son who hates the idea of my face being dirty.

This is after thirty minutes of use.
Spot where on my face I have skin issues.
My nose has recently gone greasy for the first time in my life and ironically this all too obvious in this picture and shows how well the mask gets in the pores and attacks the impurities.

I love how it tightens and cleanses the skin and after trying both the youthmud and this product I will say I definitely prefer this one as it seems to give a deeper clean and makes my skin tightener and fresher for longer, usually three or four days or up to a week.

A great product.

Love me beauty may 2014

I have to admit that the Love me Beauty box has always been a favourite box but the May boxes seem to be sending this box in a direction I don't particularly like and seeing what other bloggers have said and the comments that I have seen other people seem to agree with my bewilderment.
But which menu did I choose and what was in the box?

I choose menu 3 this month but I have to admit none really interested me and I prepaid and didn't realise I could pause so I chose the one I liked best from the three options available.

You can see the main issue even from the opening picture and this is that 40% of this box of this  box is made up of non beauty products and one of these items is seen in all the boxes and tbh I am disappointed that it is one of the items in this box.
So, what were my individual items?

The first item in box are a set of three pocket notebooks by Go stationery. This is probably the second most disappointing item in the box is it isn't beauty and these are tiny and although I like notebooks as I use them a lot when I write these are teeny tiny.
These supposedly have a rrp of £5 for the three but I doubt I would pay that for these tiny books even if they are are pretty.

Next are an item that are often extras in other boxes but are a main item in this box. These are the teapigs super fruit teabags and tbh as soon as I saw them as a featured item I wasn't particular impressed as they are often a lifestyle extra in Birchbox but to have them as a main item takes the biscuit a bit as this is supposed to be a beauty box. 
These are worth 65p so £1.95 for the three.

The next item in my box is a Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm in Rescue Me. I have a lot of lip balms so this will probably go in my stash. It doesn't really jump out at me and the packaging and £1.95 price tag doesn't really shout luxury at me.

The next item in the box is a nail varnish from Nail girls in the shade 'nude pink' and for me it is just another pink nail varnish. The packaging and colour doesn't say buy me and I much prefer the cheeky nail varnish I got in my latest in beauty box and if this is the formulation in all of their varnishes I wouldn't pay the £13.50 they say is the rrp.

The final items in this box are three 4ml samples of suti products. I received the Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and Fabulous foot balm. These are natural skincare products and although they smell nice enough the rrp of £6.50 for this set seems a bit high and I wouldn't pay it tbh. I will try them but not to happy them are more sample sized product.

So, that was my May box and as you can tell I wasn't impressed with these products that were either samples, overpriced products (in my opinion), low value or none beauty products.
My June box should be free as I have recommended other people but if it is like this box I will probably cancel, which is sad as this is my longest running box.
Just hope it is better though.


March and April empties

I have been using up quite a few products up recently so as I have a burgeoning empties bucket, and sadly also a burgeoning migraine today, I have decided to chronicle them so that I can throw them away on Tuesday.

8 May 2014

Lovelula may 2014

I've recently signed up for a few boxes as I am looking at cancelling some again and this was one that I signed up for again after getting it a little while ago and deciding to try it again for three boxes and this is my first box of the three I prepaid for.

This is my Lovelula May box that arrived this afternoon.

So odd to see these leaflets again after a while away but definitely exciting.

Eight samples in my box this month and although I have one sample (the lip and cheek stain) from a Birchbox I am really happy to see a few brands that I have never tried before and products I haven't tried as well as some goods that will be great to take on my holidays.
So, what did I get?

The first two items were from Fresh therapies and are two different types of samples of their natural nail varnish remover products.
The first sample is a nourishing nail varnish wipe that is sufficient for 10 nails according to the packaging and the second sample is a small vial of the nourishing nail polish remover.
According to the packaging of the wipe these products  these products contain no toxins and have no chemical smell and are safe in pregnancy as well as being not tested on animals and are vegan and smell of lime.
I will have to wait to use these as I am having nail 'issues' atm but will report back when I try them.

The next two items are a shampoo and conditioner from the brand 'swell' and these are both 50ml which makes them ideal for taking on holiday.  These are from their Advanced Volumizing range and also contain their unique root complex that is supposed to give root to tip volume and health to fine, limp and thinning hair.
Not sure how this will affect my thick long hair but happy to take these when I go on holiday.

The next item I have received befotre and it is the jane iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain.

I received it in the shade Forever pink and this is a pink with red undertones that would be a great cheek tint as my lips are too dark for such a light colour but the packaging is really beautiful and I love these minis as they are great for a handbag.

The next item in the box are two skincare samples from Pai. They are two 4ml trial size tiny tubs of their Camelia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and their Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day Cream. Both smell lovely and I have to admit I have seen this brand in the Lovelula newsletters and look forward to trying these, especially the day cream.
Also the Pai creams are supposed to be good for sensitive skin, which is a definite bonus.

The final item in the box is a foil sample of the John Masters organics blood orange & vanilla body milk and this sounds like it smells nice and I look forward to using it as I have never tried this before.

So, that is my first Lovelula box since my return to them. and I really like the contents as it gave me mix of products and brands. I really look forward to my June box.

More info can be found on this box here


5 May 2014

Latest in beauty glamour beauty edit box

A few days ago my Glamour Beauty Edit box came after a longer wait than I expected as between dispatch and delivery was over a week so I emailed them last week and here it is. 
Don't know if it is a coincidence but either way I am glad it is here.

A day of books with Edward

My hubby has been at work today (bank holiday Monday in the uk) and Edward and I have been having a day centred around reading and I thought I would share what we have been reading as I have really enjoyed it as he loves to be read to and these are great books.
So what I have read today?

Nerdblock jr girls April 2014

Okay, this is my review for my April nerd block jr girls. This was my third nerd block to arrive last month and was quite a few days behind the other two, although this review is even further behind as I had campnanowrimo in April and I am only just catching up now.

Nerdblock jr boys April 2014

This is the second nerd block I received last month as all three seemed to ship completely separately and were days apart on arrival but this is my nerd block jr boys.
This was probably my favourite jr block last month.

Nerd block April 2014

Okay, another apology for my tardiness on doing my April boxes but I am hopefully going to catch up today and get up to date before my May boxes continue to arrive. So, on this bank holiday Monday I am going to get up to date.
Anyway, back to the review and this is my Nerdblock for April.
So, what did I get?

Youbeautydiscovery may 2014

The first of my May boxes was ordered an hour or so into May the first, as per usual I stayed up to order, and turned up on the third via the nice yodel lady.

4 May 2014

Superloot April 2014

This is my first superloot box that arrived a few days ago in May and I am apologise (again) that I will have to go back and do my nerdblock reviews as my campnanowrimo in April has delayed my blogposts a little but I swear I will get back on track.

2 May 2014

Lootcrate April 2014

Memebox lucky box 3

I was quite surprised when the postman rang the doorbell today. 
First, because he rang the bell, anyone who has seen my moan from the other day understands that reference, although it was a different postman, and second because I was thinking that this box was probably still in Incheon.
Luckyboxes are filled of old favourites from past boxes and some new items (possibly) and have both samples and full sized item in them, whereas the new miniboxes have only samples and the superboxes have only full sized.
More info on memebox can be found here.

But here is my Lucky Box three so I can review it for you now.

The leaflet shows quite a few items.

And the box is really packed which is a great sign, as is the fact this isn't a branded box.
So, what is in my luckybox 3?

The first item in my box is the Holika holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream in a 10ml size.  This was from memebox #2 which was from before I started to get these boxes, my first was #5-2 so it is great to receive it.
According to the packaging according to the packaging it is a ultra moisturising ceramide cream that maintains moisture in skin for 72 hours and I will probably use it as a night cream.
This is worth $3.16.

The next item is a duplicate item from my first box, #5-2, and is the Derma:B Moisture Body Lotion.
I haven't used this item yet and will probably enjoy using it as my skin can get quite dry and this is supposed to be good for irritated skin.
This is a 100ml sample size and is worth $4.

The next item in the box is another new item for me and it is the Lanoa Natural Soap Sulfur 100g from Memebox #4.
This is a facial soap made with natural ingredients and is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin with ingredients such as shea butter, chamomile and lavender.
It is free from preservatives and artificial fragrances.
this looks really interesting and is the second facial soap I have received from memebox and will be interesting to use.
This has a price of $12 on the leaflet.

The next item in the box is from LJH which is a brand I have received before from Memebox and this item the Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule that was in Memebox #4.
This is interesting to me as you use it after moisturising and will, in conjunction with your moisturiser or an essence hydrate, soothe and protect your skin. I'll try this tonight.
This a 5ml sample and costs $8.66 approx.

The next item in my box is from Memebox #2  and it is the Miguhara B.P. Cream. I have never used a BP cream and according to the leaflet it is a combination of a BB cream and a primer.I have tried it on my hand and it is very dark when it comeds from the tube but blends nicely and has a texture similar to Benefit POREfessional but combined with a BB cream.
These are two 3ml samples and are worth $7.20.

The next item in the box is the only hair item in the box and it is the Ryoe Jayang Yunmo Anti-hairloss Hair Pack 100ml. This looks really interesting and although hair loss isn't an issue I have at the moment I will try this.
This is a 100ml sample worth $5.33.

The next item in my box is another duplicate for me. This is the Heartface Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack in a 20ml size from Memebox #8.
This a night moisturiser and is great for oily skin or combo skin, like mine, as it controls sebum.
This is worth $9.80.

The next item is an old favourite in this house as my son loves to steal them and wear them as a mask. It is quite funny but I have to admit these masks were very quickly eyeless.
These are the Flower Men Energy Factory Moist Boosting Sheet Mask.
I really like the shape of these but haven't tried these yet and seem to prefer to use clay masks as the paper masks havent been my favourite up until now but I am happy to try them.
These are worth $4 each.

The final item in this box was outed by a spoiler and it is the Dr. Jart V7 Eye serum 15ml. This was from Memebox #3.  According to the leaflet there is a combination of seven vitamins that help dark circles and brighten the skin.
This is full sized and worth $38.

So, there is my Luckybox #3. I really like this box and love the variety in this box and I really look forward to trying it all.